Masomenos Lab is a project initiated by Masomenos with the aim to explore the symbiosis between music, video, light and live performance through the development of interactive artworks.

The Color Piano is a permanent art installation exhibited in a street of Paris as a first digital creation by Masomenos Lab. It invites the pedestrians to interact with it and to engage a unique conversation with music and visuals.

The system behind it is a custom Processing application based on a precise analysis of the music and MIDI protocol. It allows the user to compose audiovisual environments in real time and has been designed as a composition tool for both installations and stages.

It is now on tour and has been showcased at the residency of Masomenos at Badaboum nightclub in Paris and on March 12, 2014 at the London Electronic Orchestra, an event produced by Kate Simko.

Concept, production, graphic contents & music : Masomenos

Interaction design, Software development, Research and content management : Aurélien Krieger

Video filming & editing : Arthur Hennequet